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How To Keep Ants Out Of Cat Food ? 10 Ways Of Avoiding Ants

Looking for a solution to fix ant problem? Here are 10 Ways to choose from and safeguard your cat food

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Ant stealing cat food!

With over 24 hours of extensive research, unlike other articles which have few solutions, we have compiled an exhaustive list of 10 practical tips on how to keep ants out of cat food. 

We always have the issue of ants visiting our homes to look for some food during warm weather (spring season). Most cat lovers find that ants never miss reaching out to cat food to steal some portion for their colony. Never worry again as you are at the right place! 

Here are the top 10 solutions on how to keep ants away from pet food which is either kept open or in a storage bin:

How To Keep Ants Out of Cat Food Bowl

Barriers around cat food

There are certain substances that you have at home such as chalk, chili powder, pepper, baby powder, coffee grounds which act as an ant deterrent. Ants can’t come closer to these substances. So, you sprinkle these substances as a large circle around the cat food bowl and your food is protected

Petroleum Jelly around the food bowl

If you have a cat food bowl, apply the lower side and edges of the bowl with petroleum jelly. This has a moderate effect of avoiding ants for a certain period. The better alternative is given in the next point of creating a moat.

Moat around cat food bowl

If you have ever wondered how to keep ants out of cat food bowl, this is a fail-proof technique that many recommend. Use an aluminum dish or a larger bowl and keep the cat food bowl at the center of it. Fill water in the dish so that there is ample water between the bowl and the dish surface. Now ants can’t cross them. Make it even more effective by applying petroleum jelly on the lower edges of the aluminum dish so that the slippery surface prevents ants from even climbing the outer dish. Want to make it double effective? Place a terry cloth beneath the dish.

Essential Oils

Using essential oils to keep ants out of cat food is a rarely used but effective solution. In medium quantities, it is not harmful to pets. Just wipe some drops of essential oil using cotton balls around the food bowl and that’s it. Some commonly used oils include peppermint, spearmint, lemon, cinnamon, orange, and clove

Anti-Ant Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowl

Anti-Ant Stainless Steel Non-Skid Cat Food Bowl

The solution we have seen above is for feline lovers who don’t want to change their food bowl. But if your kitty and you are fine with purchasing a better food bowl, check for Anti-Ant Stainless Steel Non-Skid Dog & Cat Bowl from Chewy. The raised rim in the bowl is a special design which keeps ants away from your kitty’s food. Even if you have a playful kitty which keeps moving things around, you needn’t worry because the non-skid bottom prevents bowl from sliding. The bowl is dishwasher safe for hassle free cleaning. The best part is the bowl comes in multiple sizes.

Just a precautionary step. Don’t make your ant proof cat food bowl touch any object or wall. Ants being sneaky can use those support structures and find a way inside your bowl. 

Ant Proof Food Tray

Even if you don’t want to change cat food bowl with ant proof one, there are ant proof food trays that are designed to prevent ants from climbing them. They have inverted cups like legs on which you can apply insect blocking gel and then place your cat food bowl on top of the tray.

How To Store Cat Food and Keep Feeding Place Away from Ants

Plastic Storage Bins

When you find ants infest your storage areas, go for airtight storage bins made of plastic or metal that ants can’t enter. This will keep your cat food safe.

Clean Cat Food Bowl

Washing cat food bowls as soon as cats had their fill is one of the best ways to avoid ants from tracing crumbs or food leftovers. 

Clean Feeding Place

If your feline has a habit of dropping food bits on the floor, quickly sweep it off and even mop it when you find some liquid on the floor. Use 1 spoon of vinegar or 3 spoons of lemon juice to wipe the area so that ants don’t track the scent and reach the spot.

Defending Ants Entry

Before ants can trace scent, it is even better to block ants before they enter your room. Dip peppermint oil in cotton balls and place where you feel ants are prone to enter such as windows, doors, small holes, and outlets from your room.

What To Do When You Find Ants In And Around Cat Food

Ant Killer Spray

Purchase an ant killer spray from a cat store or amazon and store it in your house for eliminating ants. If you find ants around places where you store cat food, spray it on ants and it will kill them. However, don’t use it in places where you have cat food in open condition.

Method To Separate Ants From Cat Food

Don’t panic if you find ants in cat food. There are a few steps by which you can easily separate the food from the ants. First, empty the ant-occupied food into a large shallow bin. Then sprinkle corn starch which you use in the kitchen on top of this food and toss it so it mixes well. Use a strainer and toss this food over it multiple times. Corn starch causes the separation of food from ants. When you toss it over a strainer, the ants and other particles from food fall through the holes leaving cat food. If there are minor quantities of ants, it might not cause an issue for your pet. Also, corn starch which is stuck on your cat food doesn’t affect your cat’s health. Once the clean cat food is separated, empty it into a plastic airtight container and store it for future use.


Out of multiple practical ways mentioned above, experiment and choose the one that works for you and your kitty. You must protect your cat food until winter returns and ants stop their quest. If you like reading this article, please share it with your friends.



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