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Best Cat Food for British Shorthairs

If you have been struggling to find the best cat food for British Shorthairs, here’s a review you might find helpful.

Many cat parents struggle to choose the best food for their British Shorthair. We understand that it can become difficult to know what to go for, especially if their cat has been a little fussy about the food you’ve been serving them; or when the cat develops a health condition such as Diabetes.

So, as an experienced vet and someone who has been able to raise a few cats at home, I am always reviewing cat foods from numerous brands and recommending the best ones to cat parents.

One of the best products we find suitable for most British Shorthairs – and seems to work in most cases – is Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

This product is a reliable wet cat food for a British Shorthair at whatever stage of growth or health condition. It offers the feline different essential nutrients suitable for its growth, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. 

Other cat foods we recommend are Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food and Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food.

If you’d like to know more about these products and how they are beneficial to British Shorthair cats, read further. We’ll also cover topics such as British Shorthair characteristics and other questions you might have about the cat’s diet.

Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

best cat food for british shorthairs

The Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food is a wet cat food that offers all the necessary nutrients that British Shorthair kittens and adults need for optimum growth and development.

How it is prepared

The Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entrée is a wet cat food consisting of chicken as the first ingredient, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, taurine, and low amounts of vitamins and minerals. It doesn’t have any grain or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives; hence, it’s dense with nutritional value for every bite your cat takes.

Guaranteed Analysis

The base proteins used to make this cat food is chicken and turkey, which offer high nutritional value to your cat’s muscles. It has a minimum crude protein of about 10.5% and 7% fat. Additionally, it has maximum moisture of about 78.0%, making it ideal for hydrating and keeping the cat’s urinary tract healthy.

Another essential nutrient found in this cat food is Taurine. It enhances the cat’s vision, blood flow, and healthy reproductive system.

Guaranteed Analysis[1]

Crude Protein          10.5% min 
Crude Fat           7.0% min
Crude Fiber           1.0% max
Moisture           78.0% max
Taurine0.1% min

Ingredient Analysis

The Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entrée is the best cat food for British Shorthair since it offers a complete and balanced diet. It’s a recommendable food product for British Shorthair cats of all ages, especially adults.

Vitamins and minerals used to enhance this product include:

·       Vitamin E

·       Vitamin A

·       Folic Acid

·       Zinc

·       Taurine, among many others

Vitamin E[2]

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for the cat’s immune system and forming of red blood cells. It also acts as an antioxidant.

Other major functions of this vitamin to cats:

·       It helps the cat’s skin fight flea allergies, eczema, and mites

·       It is essential for lactating and pregnant cats

·       The vitamin enhances the animal’s reproductive system

·       It facilitates energy storage in the liver and cardiac muscles

Vitamin A[3]

A vet will recommend foods rich in Vitamin A since the cat’s skin, coat, nerves, and muscles depend on this vitamin to function properly. Cats lacking this vitamin will always look weak and suffer from night blindness.

Some of the benefits of Vitamin A in cats include:

·       It enhances muscle growth and neurological development

·       It provides healthy skin and coat

·       Has essential antioxidant properties

·       It protects the body from diseases such as cancer

Folic Acid[4]

Also known as Vitamin B9, Folic Acid is an essential vitamin present in several cat foods, such as the liver, kidney, and a nursing mother’s milk.

Some of the benefits that Folic Acid has for a cat include:

·       It elevates blood oxygen levels

·       It enhances fat metabolism

·       It promotes the synthesis of DNA

·       Helps in the production of oxygen


Cat parents that want to ensure their British Shorthair is active even as they age should offer foods rich in Zinc. The mineral offers the cat’s body various benefits, including:

·       Enhancing brain functions such as focus, emotional behavior, memory, and learning

·       Improving the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients

·       Preventing gradual weight loss

·       Improving skin appearance


Taurine is an organic compound or amino acid found in many animal byproducts. You can also find it in an animal’s brain, large intestines, muscles, eyes, and heart. Foods rich in Taurine include eggs, fish, and meat.

Some of the benefits of this mineral in British Shorthair include:

·       It enhances the functionality of the heart muscle

·       It promotes immunity

·       Crucial in the development of the fetus and maintaining a normal pregnancy

·       Protects the cat’s vision

Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food Pros

·       Doesn’t contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives

·       Made up of real animal proteins  – i.e. chicken and turkey

·       It’s not overly processed

·       Doesn’t have carbs or fillers

·       It’s grain-free

Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food Cons

·       Quite pricey

·       It has a short shelf life

Feeding Guidelines[1]

The amount of food your British Shorthair will consume will depend on age, size, and health condition. Kittens will consume high amounts compared to aged companions.

Wellness, the brand that manufactures this product, recommends cat parents mix this cat food with the foods it’s used to when introducing it to him or her. Increase the amount gradually until the cat can consume the meal without adding anything else.

Other feeding instructions:

·       If you are feeding your British Shorthair with this cat food alone, use about 1 can per day for 6-8 pounds of the cat’s body weight.

·       If you are combining dry and wet cat foods, reduce dry foods by ¼ cup for every ½ cup of wet cat food.

·       After serving, ensure that you refrigerate any unused portions.

·       Don’t leave wet cat food in the bowl for long. It will become rancid and cause gastrointestinal issues.

What do customers say about Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food[1]

5- Star reviews

Customer 1

“Shiny and soft coat

I have been feeding my two boys wellness ever since we adopted them, 6 years now. I love the fact that the ingredients are good and no crazy additives. Everyone always compliments on my boys fur of how shiny and soft they are. I contributed that to the food they eat.”

Customer 2

“Good stuff!

My car loved this food and it has enabled him to get into and stay in remission from diabetes!”

Customer 3

“Good food quality

Émilie refuses to eat organic and people grade food. At Pope Memorial, where she goes for visits because they own her, this is what she eats with KD dry (!!!!) I would feed her Wellness and other organic brands. They feed her what she eats. I applaud Chewy. come for such timely service. My stars refer to the food, not Chewy’s service.”

1-star reviews

Customer 1

“My cat wouldn’t eat it.

My cat at the time, was diagnosed with anemia and feline leukemia. He lost a lot of weight and was underweight. The vet said to buy high fat kitten food, as well as a liquid vitamin mineral with iron and L-Lysine supplement for cats. We couldn’t get kitten food at the time, so I bought this in a local grocer. My cat ate a little at first, but wouldn’t go back to eating it.”

Customer 2

“Fur babies with discerning taste

Majority of the cats I feed this canned food seems to turn up their noses & walk away. Must not taste as good as fancy feast.”

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food

best cat food for british shorthairs

Cat parents who have just brought in a new British Shorthair kitten might be wondering what the best cat food for optimum growth is. The Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food is a highly recommended best cat food for British Shorthairs as it contains real chicken with liver, up to 25 essential vitamins, minerals, and high moisture content to keep your feline hydrated.

The food is ideal for any cat below 1 year old and offers complete and balanced nutrients for the cat’s growth and development.

How it is prepared

The Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food is a wet cat food product containing real chicken, liver, fish, meat by-products, water, and other minerals. It also contains rice and both artificial and natural flavors.

Small amounts of grain added to this cat food provides the required fiber, minerals, and fatty acids that the kitten needs for their body. They also have protein that’s easy to digest.

A few examples of vitamins and minerals included in this formula include Taurine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-5, Vitamin E supplement, and salt, among many others.

Guaranteed Analysis[7]

The Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entrée uses a base protein of chicken, liver, fish, and meat by-products – which make up a minimum percentage of 30% crude protein.

It also contains 6% fat, 1.5% fiber, Taurine at 0.05% minimum, and a maximum of 76.5% of moisture necessary for keeping your British Shorthair kitten hydrated at all times.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein12.0% min
Crude Fat       6.0% min
Crude Fiber    1.5% max
Moisture        76.5% max
Taurine0.05% min
Ash3.5% max
Linoleic Acid0.5% min
DHA  0.01% min
Vitamin A       2,500 IU/kg min
Vitamin E       100 IU/kg min

Ingredient Analysis

The Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entrée comprises of numerous vitamins and minerals that provide the required growth for any less than 1-year-old British Shorthair. Some of the main vitamins and minerals within this best cat food for British Shorthair include:

·       Vitamin E

·       Vitamin B-1

·       Vitamin B-5

·       Vitamin A

·       Vitamin K

Vitamin E[2]

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that you can find in most complete and balanced cat foods. The main job of this vitamin is to provide support for the immune system and help the body to produce red blood cells.

Other benefits of this vitamin include:

·       It acts as an antioxidant

·       Promotes cardiovascular health in cats

·       Improves vision and neurological function

·       Improves the kitten’s skin

Vitamin B-1[8]

A cat’s body – whether old or young – cannot synthesize Vitamin B-1 on its own. This vitamin, otherwise known as Thiamine, is an essential supplement for most metabolic processes in a cat’s body. Hence, your kitten needs to consume it in large quantities.

Some of the benefits that Vitamin B-1 offers to a cat are:

·       Increase the kitten’s appetite

·       Enhances cognitive functions in kittens

·       It maintains optimal health

·       Necessary for carbohydrate metabolism

Vitamin B-5[9]

Also known as Pantothenic acid or Calcium pantothenate, Vitamin B-5 plays a huge part in producing adrenal hormones and antibodies found in white blood cells. It also helps to convert proteins, fat, and carbohydrates into energy.

Some of the known benefits of Vitamin B-5 include:

·       It enhances stamina

·       It helps to produce neurotransmitters

·       Offers treatment for anxiety and depression

·       Enables the intestinal tract to function properly

Vitamin A[10]

The vitamin plays an essential role in protecting your kitten against illnesses and infections such as cancer. It also enhances your cat’s vision even when the light is dim.

Other well-known benefits of vitamin A are:

·       They give the kitten healthy skin and coat

·       They carry essential antioxidant properties

·       It increases stamina

·       Promotes muscle growth in kittens

Vitamin K[11]

Vitamin K is a vital ingredient for a British Shorthair diet. The kitten’s body requires it for several reasons, such as facilitating the clotting of blood and preventing excessive bleeding.

Other benefits include:

·       It regulates calcium levels in the blood

·       Enhances bone metabolism

·       Facilitates the production of prothrombin – a clotting factor

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food Pros

·       Contains high quantities of proteins

·       Manufacturer uses real meat

·       Palatable

·       It’s affordable

·       Easy for kittens to digest

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food Cons

·       The smell is not ideal for all kittens

·       It’s suitable for kittens only

Feeding Guidelines[7]

British Shorthair parents need to provide the kitten with three or more meals per day depending on the kitten’s appetite.

The manufacturer, Purina Pro Plan, recommends you give one can for 2-2½ pounds of body weight. If you are introducing the Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver, start with small bits first. Then, increase the amount as you reduce its previous food to prevent dietary problems.

What do customers say about Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food[7]

5- Star reviews

Customer 1

“best food for kittens

i have 2 cases-2 kities and they are geting -2 cans a day and purina dry they are doing great–the pet shelter i suppose here uses this also for kittens–so its more expensive than ‘bluebuffalo-$10-so up to you-both good for kittens.”

Customer 2

“Another win for Mom!

I have 2 wonderful Kitties, one will eat Anything with Fish, the other will Not eat anything except Chicken! Finding a food that she will eat is an adventure.. she tried the Kitten Chicken & Liver, & gobbled it up. I would call that a Win Win situation!”

Customer 3

“My cat’s favorite!

My Little Bear just turned 18 years old so I got him a case of his favorite noms. He licks up every drop of this. He still eats the other flavors but definitely cleans his plate with the Chicken & Liver. He needs to gain weight so I give him as many calories as he will eat.”

1-star reviews

Customer 1

“A Solid No Way

All 5 of my kittys said NO WAY to this food lol they would walk up to it sniff at it and scratch the floor to cover it up lol they were not having it at all ..”

Customer 2

“Not a hit!

My cat, Berry Gomez, might eat the ProPlan Chicken & Liver Entrée only if he was dragging himself across the Mojave Desert in late August! He hates it. I’m considering serving it on water crackers to my nasty neighbor next door. (Just kidding).”

Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food

best cat food for british shorthairs

The Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food

is another best cat food for British Shorthairs. Cat parents looking for cat foods with high protein and full ingredients and are on a tight budget should consider this product right here.

How it is prepared

Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe is a product consisting of a diet containing multiple proteins, real meat, natural omegas, probiotics, and antioxidants to promote your British Shorthair’s digestive health, immune system, and provide healthy skin and strong muscles.

The main ingredients that make up this best cat food include chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, menhaden fish meal, and chicken fat. It’s also low in vegetables, and fillers, and contains no grains, potato, corn, wheat, soy, or any artificial colors and preservatives.

Guaranteed Analysis[12]

The base protein used in this product is chicken. It contains a crude protein amount of 41.0% minimum and a 21% minimum of crude fat. Moisture is at a maximum of 9.0%, while crude fiber and omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are at 3.0% max, 0.45% minimum, and 3.0% maximum, respectively.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein41.0% min
Crude Fat21.0% min
Crude Fiber3.0% max
Moisture9.0% max
Vitamin E100 IU/kg min
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)85 mg/kg min
Omega-3 Fatty Acids0.45% min
Omega-6 Fatty Acids3.0% min
Bacillus Coagulans60,000,000 CFU/lb min

Ingredient Analysis

The Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe is 100% complete and balanced diet suitable for your adult British Shorthair. It contains the necessary vitamins and minerals to optimize your cat’s health and lifestyle. Some of the major vitamins and minerals are:

·       Vitamin C

·       Omega-3 fatty acids

·       Omega-6 fatty acids

·       Bacillus coagulans

Vitamin C[13]

Also known as Ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps to control infections and wounds.

Known benefits of this vitamin to cats include:

·       Involved in the growth, development, and repair of body tissues

·       Ensures proper functioning of the immune system

·       Helps in the absorption of iron

·       It is essential in maintaining cartilage, bones, and teeth

·       They are effective antioxidants

Omega-3 fatty acids[14]

Omega-3 is a healthy fat – usually referred to as a polyunsaturated fat – that is essential in supporting the health of your cat’s heart. They are an essential supplement for your cat giving it a fuller and shinier coat.

Other benefits are:

·       Ideal for cats that have allergies since they have anti-inflammatory properties

·       Prevents kidney disease

·       Decreases joint inflammation

·       Improves cognitive functions

Omega-6 fatty acids[15]

Omega-6 is a polyunsaturated fat, just like omega-3, that you can find in nuts, vegetable oils, and seeds. A cat’s body needs these fatty acids in moderate amounts to enhance bodily functions and promote cardiovascular health.

Other benefits British Shorthairs can get from omega-6 are:

·       Promotes skin and coat health

·       Enhances growth in kittens

·       It strengthens the immune system

·       It contains anti-inflammatory properties

Bacillus coagulans[16]

Bacillus coagulans is a type of ‘good bacteria’ (or probiotic) known for producing lactic acid in the gut. Although the cat’s body doesn’t produce this probiotic naturally, it can be found in fermented foods.

Some of the benefits you get from Bacillus Coagulans are:

·       Encouraging the growth of microorganisms that help in digestion

·       Promoting absorption of nutrients

·       Preventing infections by strengthening the immune system

·       Minimizing inflammation in injured tissues

·       Providing a healthy gut

Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food Pros

·       It’s affordable

·       Has a longer shelf life

·       It uses real meat

·       Palatable

·       Contains high protein diet for lean muscles

·       It’s grain free

·       It doesn’t have artificial colors and preservatives

Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food Cons

·       Lower water content

·       Cats with dental issues may have problems chewing the food

Feeding Guidelines[12]

How much you feed this food to a British Shorthair will depend on its activity level, age, and size. For kittens, you can feed them twice per day. We also recommend cat parents to consider including wet cat food in the cat’s diet to provide the moisture to hydrate the cat’s body. Ensure that you provide clean, fresh water at all times.

Feeding Guide

WeightAdult Maintenance Daily Feeding (cup)Weight Loss Daily Feeding (cup)
5 lbs3/8¼
10 lbs½3/8
15 lbs3/4½

What do customers say about Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food[12]

5- Star reviews

Customer 1

“Healthier than regular kibbles

We rotate four different brands of dry food for our cats, after reviewing and sampling over a dozen different brands, recipes, flavors etc. This food has quality ingredients and it is coated with raw meat and freeze dried rather than baked. Much healthier than regular kibbles. Our cats are healthy and we are happy about it.”

Customer 2

“They like it!

Got to keep this on the down low, but our four cats may like this food. We can’t get too excited though, they have fooled us before. They are all ex ferals and one would think that they would be grateful but they are the fussiest cats we have ever owned.”

Customer 3

“Quality food, cats love it

There’s nothing bad to say about this brad of food, or the flavor, for that matter. My cats chow down like there’s no tomorrow (granted, they kinda do this with anything they can get their paws on)! I like that it has good, healthy ingredients for cats and feels like a brand you can trust.”

1-star reviews

Customer 1

“Tested with two cats

I have an older cat, Whisper, who is a finicky eater, but I have another cat who eats just about anything, so I tried it. Neither one would touch it, literally. I gave the bag to our local humane society/foster care group. Maybe a dog would like it, so one star.”

Customer 2

Not chewable for senior cats

My 13 year old cat whenever he eats this dry cat food he throws up the whole pieces not even chewed up before swallowing. This cat dry food is too hard for older cats to chew up to digest. I would not recommend for senior cats.”

British Shorthair food Buying Guide

What are British Shorthair Characteristics?

The British Shorthair is the most popular pedigree cat in the United Kingdom and is known to be one of the oldest recognized breeds of cats. Romans imported this breed into Britain to keep their camps free of mice, snakes, and insects.

Generally, the British Shorthair has a good-natured appearance and a calm temperament. It’s a powerful-looking cat with a stocky body, broad face, and dense coat. The most familiar coat variant is blue, although these cats can have other colors and patterns, including blue, white, red, cream, silver, black, and golden.

An adult male weighs an average of 9-17 pounds, while a female’s average weight is about 7-12 pounds.

These cats are also:

·       Polite and friendly

·       These cats mature slowly. It takes up to 3 years for the cat to reach maturity.

·       Not active and playful as many other cats

·       They require minimal grooming

·       They are prone to obesity since they are not that active

·       They don’t like sitting on people’s laps and would rather prefer to sit beside you

Type of food a British Shorthair must have

Vets recommend a complete and balanced diet for British Shorthairs. Although this cat can eat almost anything, it’s essential that you feed it high foods containing high protein nutrients (50% proteins), low amounts of fats, and little or no carbs.

The meat you serve the cat should be lean. Examples of lean meat include chicken, turkey, and rabbit – with rabbit being the most preferred option.

Ensure that the food you buy uses real meat as the main ingredient, not meat by-products. You can serve both wet and dry cat foods to British Shorthair, although wet is the most preferred as it provides the required moisture for their bodies.

Other essential nutrients in British Shorthair cat foods are:

·       Vitamins and minerals

·       Fats and fatty acids

What type of food British Shorthair must avoid?

British Shorthairs, like other cats, are obligate carnivores. They prefer foods that have high proteins. Hence, they should avoid foods that have:

·       High amounts of carbs

·       Grains

·       Fats

·       High amounts of veggies

·       Dairy products as they become lactose intolerant as they age

·       Dog foods

·       Human food

Adult cats should not consume high amounts of calories as younger ones since they are prone to become obese. So, reduce carb intake as much as possible as the cat ages.

How much of food can British Shorthair cat have?

The amount of food that a British Shorthair can have will depend on factors such as age, size, and health condition.

You need to feed the kittens small portions of food throughout the day. This enhances growth and development in the younger ones. As they grow older, reduce the frequency of meals to two times per day. Otherwise, extra food will lead to an increase in weight.

If your cat becomes overweight, avoid feeding it overly processed meals, foods with grains, veggies, and sugar. Rather, go for cat foods with more proteins. Such meals aid in reducing fat and enhancing muscle growth. You can also keep the cat active to enhance fat loss.

British Shorthair cats with pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes cannot eat just anything. In this case, consult a vet so that they can recommend the best cat food for them.

What are the most common health issues with British Shorthair?

The British Shorthair has a lifespan of about 14-20 years. Your feline pal will live longer if you take good care of them, including taking them to regular checkups.

On the other hand, these cats are susceptible to various health conditions, the most common being obesity. Other common health issues that British Shorthairs are prone to are:

·       Arthritis: Prevalent in older cats and can become worse if not treated quickly

·       Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: It’s a disease that affects the heart walls, eventually causing increased heartbeats and breathing issues

·       Polycystic Kidney Disease: The cat’s kidney develops cysts that lead to its failure

·       Arterial Thromboembolism: The cat develops blood clots because of heart disease.


What is the best cat food for British Shorthairs and why?

The best cat food for British Shorthair cats is Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. It’s a reliable wet cat food that offers all the complete and balanced nutrients that your adult cat or kitten needs for optimum growth.

If you are looking for the best cat food for British Shorthair kittens, Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food is the best.

Cat parents looking for the best dry cat food to supplement with wet food for British Shorthair, Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food is the best product.

Where To Buy It?

You can buy these products on

What is best for British Shorthair cats – Wet food or Dry food?

Vets recommend cat parents to feed their British Shorthair with wet food regularly. These cat foods contain a high amount of moisture required to keep your cat hydrated.

On the other hand, there’s no problem in providing both dry and wet foods. High-quality dry foods also contain the required amount of nutrients that your cat needs.

What are the specific dietary needs for British Shorthair cats?

British Shorthair cats require diets with high amounts of proteins, low carbs, low fats, and a significant amount of vitamins and minerals.

Chicken, rabbits, and turkeys are lean meat, which makes them good sources of the proteins these cats need.

Which product is good for British Shorthair kitten?

The best cat food for British Shorthair kittens is Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food. It’s an affordable cat food rich in the required nutrients to enhance growth and development in kittens. Furthermore, it contains real meat and has up to 25 vitamins and minerals.


From this review, you can see why all these three products, Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Cat Food and Purina Pro Plan Kitten Classic Chicken & Liver Entree Canned Cat Food,  are the best cat foods for British Shorthairs. The first two can be fed to adult cats while the last one can be fed to kitten. 

We recommend all these three products to cats of all ages and sizes because they offer the cats complete and balanced diets, they are grain-free, contain real meat (chicken and chicken liver) as the main ingredients, and have numerous vitamins and minerals required for maintaining the health and lifestyle of your cat.

Dr. Julie Kendrick

Dr. Julie Kendrick

Dr. Julie Kendrick is a highly skilled veterinarian dedicated to providing the best care for animals. She has written extensively on feline health, nutrition, and behavior in national and international publications. She is also a frequent speaker at veterinary conferences, sharing her unique insights into caring for cats.
Julie's passion for felines is evident in every article she writes–her knowledge of their needs and behavior makes her articles an invaluable source of information for pet owners.

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